Patient #325
Four months after car accident caused the neck to curve the wrong way.

Patient suffering after car accident with low back pain.
Headaches, Neck Pain.
MRI and CT scans all normal
Patient put on Imitrex, pain meds
Pt. stopped after 3 visits, returned 1 year later
100% recovery!!!

This X-ray shows something unique which is attained from advances in chiropractic care. We have discovered how to correct spines injured in accidents and injuries. By correcting the actual spinal structure back to its normal, patients are able to recover 100%. This drastically reduces the need for future care. 

This patient was injured in a car accident; he developed more sickness and pain as time went on. None of his doctors could explain why he was so sick following a car accident; they simply treated his aches and pains with drugs. A routine x-ray showed a drastic reversal in the patient’s cervical curve caused by the whiplash of the car accident. Only a chiropractor would know that this was the cause of his health problems.  You can see the patient’s disk spaces in the second x ray have actually been improved through the restoration of the normal cervical curve. Without correction of the curve this patient would have developed degenerative disk disease within 5 to 10 years and his health would have continued to deteriorate.

Child Scoliosis Corrected
Two visits, two weeks.


Three year old girl suffering from severe scoliosis, asthma and chronic constipation.
Two weeks into care patient felt 100% better. X-ray showed the spine was 95% corrected in two weeks.

This 3 year old girl’s mother was spending a lot of time and money treating conditions that were a result of her poor spinal health. The history of the patient reveled she hurt her back while learning to walk. According to OSHA the average child falls 2,000-3,000 times learning how to walk. A very specific spinal correction was performed on her left sacrum and within two weeks her spine restored back to its normal alignment taking the pressure off of the nerve system, enabling her to heal from all of her health problems naturally. Her MD took her off all medication. This shows why it is important for children to be checked by a Chiropractor who had the tools and training to perform spinal correction. Her future health was saved with only two spinal corrective adjustments.

Patient #557

Migraines for 10 years
C3 found to be locked on spinal visualizer
Post 3 months of care
Migraines gone!

Patient #442

Restaurant owner
Atlas out of compensation
Constant neck pain, headaches
Played college football, mult. injuries
Felt so great after spine was corrected
Sent parents, sister, and 3 staff to become patients!!!

Patient #329

27cm Kyphotic cervical curve
Severe low back pain
Neck stiffness, but no pain
Bridging osteophytic formation between C5-6
Post 4 months of care
Cervical curve almost fully restored
Osteophytic bridge being REABSORBED!!!
LBP gone, referred wife!

Patient #618

Kyphotic cervical curve
20-25 years of DJD/exostosis
Post 4 months of care
Cervical curve restored
Mechanical stress reduced
DJD halted

Patient #656

Pt got xray'd based on improvement seen in sister
Rotation of pelvis noted
(note obturator size)
One day, one adjustment!
Pelvis is almost perfectly balanced!