Drs. James Galgano and Antonietta Sorbara-Galgano are both graduates of Life University. Together they own and operate a Chiropractic Clinic in Burlington, NJ. Their office represents one of only a handful in the country to use Digital Motion X ray Analysis of the spine.  They operate a family wellness practice which strives to offer the best subluxation correction ensuring the fastest spinal corrections in the industry. The Doctors have demonstrated over and over again that most spines can be significantly corrected from 1 to 36 visits, they continually strive to offer some of the lowest spinal correction care plans in the country.

Drs. Jim and Antonietta have given tons of seminars on the Results system. In addition, they work as mentor coaches helping chiropractors succeed in the business of chiropractic. They are committed to doing their part in the preservation and advancement of modern chiropractic for the future of the profession.

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